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International Management Consulting & Training



Would you like to know what makes me happy and gets me up bright-eyed & bushy-tailed every morning?ere it is: helping people and businesses connect internationally. Full stop.


Whether this is through supporting you to define an international business strategy, helping you to communicate effectively across borders or just brainstorming with you about how you could get more results from your export or trade promotion activities. It gives me great energy to see my clients have that ‘light bulb moment’ and see what they could achieve if they focus their energy on a structured approach to international business.

When confronting your challenges, one of my biggest strengths is being able to look at the bigger (international) picture, without losing sight of the people in the organization and the important role they play in reaching the organizational goals. I am a quick learner, and will make sure to get up to speed with your specific needs, products and services before giving any advice.

My life’s motto is ‘Everything you need is Just Outside your comfort zone.’ Not always easy, I know, but very rewarding; both on a personal level and in the business arena.


My core activities:

Consultancy & Training in the areas of

• Strategic International Business Development

• Export Marketing Management

• Export Planning

• Strategic Profiling

• Trade Promotion

• Market Research

• Intercultural Communication


My clients:

• SME companies around the world

• Export & Trade Promotion Agencies

• Business Support Organisations

• NGO’s


Interested in finding out more about me? You can find my resume here.

Are you a Dutch company (MKB) or foreign SME who wants very practical and hands-on advice on how to get more results from exporting? Please check out http://www.xportwise.nl/export-advice-training/. I co-founded Xportwise with my colleague Linda van den Broek specifically to help small to medium-sized companies reach their full international potential.